During the Cold War, Russian special forces recruited children from orphanages to fill the ranks of an elite training program. From a very early age, the children underwent extreme hardship that molded their mind and body into hardened killing machines. Many did not survive the rigorous training. After 20 years of training, only 6 recruits remain. Now, they must pit mind and muscle against each other in the final test, for only one will survive...

The short film "THE RUSSIAN EXPERIMENT" was filmed at Rangeley, ME. Snow covered Saddleback Mountain became a great location for filming because of it's similarity to nothern parts of Russia. After a month of preparation, rehearsals and training the cast and crew of "THE RUSSIAN EXPERIMENT" started filming in March of 2006. The weather stayed below 20 degrees and it was very challenging to film in these conditions. Some of the scenes required young actors to run barefoot in the snow and they did an outstanding job, surprising the audience and parents.

Dungan Productions thanks all cast and crew members, also their parents and supporters for dedication and hard work during the filming.

Special thanks to Saddleback Maine Ski Resort for a great location and support!

At present, we're in post-production and planning to finish editing very soon.