Killer with dual personality... Six Russian code words.. Innocent girl... Jealous psychologist... CIA... FBI... KGB... Haunted by nightmares Alex visits his psychologist, who discovers Alex's dual personality during one of the hypno-therapy sessions. Shocked by the power of these code words, he decides to use Alex for his own revenge. But he's not the only one who knows the secret...

Our second feature film "BULLET 17" is an action-thriller. It packed with non-stop fight scenes, amazing stunts, high speed chases and thrill moments. We hand picked the most talented martial artists and actors in New England and trained with them for 3 months before the filming. Several instructors from local Dojo's were on the set for the rehearsals and filming, helping out with stunt and fight choreography. Many local small businesses supported this project, providing locations, transportation, props and equipment for the filming. Due to the limited budget we had to finish principal filming in 17 days, therefore everybody had to work long hours. The crew showed remarkable dedication, filming non-stop for 14-15 hours a day. Due to the scheduling conflicts and delays some of the actors had to wait for many hours before the filming their scenes, but the cast members were very understanding and everybody was very patient.

Dungan Productions thanks you all for your hard work and support!

Special thanks to Ryan McIntyre (DP) and Anthony E. Allen (AD)! We couldn't have done it without you!